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BestMuayThai News : 2014-04-10

The news of Suwit muay thai by
Photos of Student at Suwit muay thai in April , 2014 .
   Muay thai news
Henrik from Sweden , this is 2nd time for him to train at Suwit Muay Thai camp and on March 28th he fight with the guy from Denmark at Suwit stadium and he win .

   Muay thai news
Johan from Norway , this is 2nd time for him to train at Suwit Muay Thai camp , then many guest return to train with us . On April 1st he fight with the Thai fighter at Suwit stadium and he win by TKO.
However many guest train with us for lose weight and many people are beginner , then the Muay Thai training is suitable for everyone .

The Fitness Benefits of Muay Thai training
Muay Thai (Thai boxing) was once considered to be very dangerous and brutal martial art. Nowadays it is a combat sport that is getting more and more popular. As the name suggests, this incredible combat sport was invented in Thailand several centuries ago but it became known worldwide in the past few decades. Muay Thai training can be very challenging task because it is an intensive physical activity that works with every muscle group in our bodies. That is why people who want to master this sport need to have perfect physical and emotional stamina. There are a lot of advantages for those who are practicing this sport and we will mention some of them here.
Muay Thai training can help you sculpt your body. The long and intensive training sessions will improve your metabolism and help you get rid of fats and build your muscles. The effects of Muay Thai training can be visible after one month. Furthermore, Muay Thai training can improve your immune system and make you more resistant to different types of infections and illnesses.

Muay Thai news in Thailand : "Ponlakrit" increase his weight to fight with "Dang"
Chun Kiattipetch, a popular promoter who hold on the Kiattipetch War to begin the new Lumpini Thai Boxing Stadium in Thailand with great success in all respects. He continue to find a good fresh boxer that Muay Thai fans of channel 7 in Thailand want to watch continues on Sunday 20 April at Thai boxing stadium Channel 7 . The important match is the boxer stars of Lumpini, S.J. Wichitpadrew muay thai training camp who drop his weight to fight with Dang S.Pleanjit.
The important match of Muay Thai 7 colors is very great because a promoter, Chun Kiattipetch take the top boxer who fights on the big match million baht, S.J. Padrew to fight with the fresh boxer, Dang S.Pleanjit in the great match of tournament boxing in this weekend. This fight it very suit. If Mr.Chun take them to fight on normal day, he can set the ticket price 270 bath easily but he take them to fight for boxing fans. Singgasem Banponlameungdee guarantee that they will make an excite match for tournament boxing fans around country.

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