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BestMuayThai News : 2014-03-29

The news of Suwit muay thai by
Photos of Student at Suwit muay thai in Mach 29th , 2014 .
   Muay thai news
She come to train muay thai with her boyfriend , they stay 3 weeks at SuWit muay thai camp . However in next 2 months they will return to train again . She want to lose weight with muay thai training . They are beginner .

Easy Way to Fight Weight Loss
There are many review, tips and treatment for people who suffer from weight lose. Many dedicated website offer weight loss supplement, diet programs and fitness program on the internet. But, there is no success or satisfy treatment for weight loss in short period of time. Nowadays, there is awesome martial art sport from Thailand that effective exercise to fight weight loss well. Many people in the world know and interested to learn Muay Thai as well. Muay Thai is the most famous martial art sport in Thailand. This sport is proven effective and cost efficient weight loss treatment. Especially for women, Muay Thai is perfect exercise to boost their self defense, self control and help them to control their weight. Most fat women feel embarrassing with their condition. Some of them can't seat properly and work comfort.

Muay Thai news in Thailand : Dang have Muay Thai training
The top boxer, Dang S.Plearnjit who return to the new sector under the supervision of promoters Chun Kiattipetch come back to make a good form again after win Wisanlek Seatran Ferry. On this Sunday 6 April , the important fight with Ponkrit C.Chuenkamol is the great fight in tournament boxing on Muay Thai War seven colors for Thai boxing fans in Thailand .
Dang S.Plearnjit Camp used to have the bad form because his weak body but he able to return and make the reputation again after he joint in the group of Ban Ponlameough Dee with Mr. Chun Kiattipetch gradually developed so the top boxer, Dang S.Plearnjit return to be a well-know boxer again . Today he confirm he are training muay thai in every days .
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