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BestMuayThai News : 2013-12-09

Muay Thai , The martial arts
There was a time when only the people of Thailand knew what Muay Thai is, how it was originated, who uses it, and so on. But, nowadays, Muay Thai - also known as Thai Boxing is known all over the world as a fight art, national sport of Thailand, and a self-defence fight art like Martial Art. In fact, comparing martial art and Thailand originated Muay Thai is not good because both have a lot of difference.
One that is Muay Thai is played in Boxing Ring while martial art is about doing Karate. Muay Thai uses almost all body parts that may include hands, legs, thigh, etc. while Karate used a limited body parts. Muay Thai is extreme and furious than Karate. Whereas the role of Karate art is to self defence only, thai boxing is known to diminish the opponent completely so that he cannot attack you again. You have to ensure that you fight will all your energy, stamina, and techniques including a minimum number of attacks on the opponent. Though, the number of attacks is less, result must be defeat of the opponent. Breaking bones in one attack is the best self-defence for everyone especially girls who are being targeted for several reasons. At Suwit muay thai camp can teach you every thing about this martial art .

The news of Lumpinee muay thai day
"Kob Anurak" have a secret hoping that Pakorn P.K.Sandchai Muay Thai Gym have a chance to be the Boxer of the Year because the the statistics in the past is good. He only lost 2 times. If he win Petchbunshu Borplabunshu muay thai camp on 23 December, he will have a good opportunity be open as well. He reveals that although Pakron have a unfavorable shape but he can against it.
Armistice Dayfor close Lumpini 57 year create a wave of interest which Mr.Nao gather the boxer of the year to prove their skill 12 matches from many muay thai camps and championship fight 9 matches at Lumpini Thai boxing ring and Thailand. This is the history of Thai boxing .
From the battle of Pakorn P.K.Sandchai Muay Thai Gym, the top boxer of Wansongchai War fight with the top boxer of Petchyindee War, Petchbunshu Borplabunshu muay thai camp , the journalists have been revealed from Kob Anurak, a manager of Pakorn's gym that he traning at 13 coins Praram 9 with Sandchai. In the past, he training very hard and hoping to win Petchbunshu for create the notable statistics. Kob Anurak reveals that all 2556 year, Pakon win all match only lost for Peneak Noomnoi and Desellek Uddonmeoung muay thai training camp

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