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An actor of rare physical and mental strength : On April 24th , 2008

Gof Akara Amartayakul recently won the Best Actor award at the Subhanahongsa Thai Film Awards for his action-packed role in Muay Thai Chaiya.

The fit actor, who enjoys various sports, worked hard to learn the chaiya style of boxing for the film, which he describes as seemingly more passive, but is more aggressive and deadly than muay thai.

The actor is a fitness freak, which is why he has revelled in learning various physical disciplines, from sword-fighting to horse-riding, to muay thai, for his various films.

"You need to be physically fit, in any profession," said Gof, who enjoys many physical routines, from weight-lifting to running, to regular exercise.

We caught him during a workout session at the Intercontinental Hotel's Royal Health Spa.

"I don't have a fixed routine and am flexible," said the New York-educated movie star, who enjoyed skiing and roller-blading when he was in the Big Apple, and used to roller-blade to school, some 70 blocks away!

In Bangkok, the 5 feet 9 inches, 67kg actor works out at a gym, doing weights, rope-skipping (500 times a day, with a thick two diameter rope) and cardio-exercises.

His diet is also important, and he tries not to over-indulge himself.

Gof drinks a lot of water, enjoys vegetable juices, especially a carrot-apple-beetroot-ginger concoction, after his workouts.

As a student in the US, he learned to enjoy all kinds of tastes and flavours. " I like them all - Chinese, Mexican and Indian," said the actor, who relishes

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