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Aerobic Dance sport & Muay at Asian Indoor games, Phuket : On November 17, 2005

Special Report for Andaman News TV11 Phuket, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket & Radio Thailand FM90.5 Phuket, 8.30am Thursday 17 November 2005 &

Yesterday was the first day of competition for the Aerobics Dance sport at the Asian Indoor Games, being held at Sapan Hin gymnasiums in Phuket City.
There were 2 of the 4 categories for Individual Women, and Mixed Pairs and today you can see Individual Men and Trios or 3 people in mixed teams. Yesterday there was a great atmosphere with the mixture of 69 competitors from 11 different countries taking part or watching in this relatively new Sport, and a fairly large crowd of perhaps curious onlookers. This attractive sport with young lively athletes in colourful national outfits or costumes with lively music is rather like gymnastics, but more active and quicker. It seemed to pleased the crowd, especially when the Thai Mixed Pair of Suwadee Phrutichair and Nattawut Pimpa performed, but more importantly did they please the judges and how do they judge it? We asked Assistant Professor Udom Pimpa, an Organising Committee Member to help us understand how they compile the points, while the Thai Mixed Pair waited for their scores to come up on the screen behind :

You can see the last day of the aerobics today from 9-12 midday for the qualifying rounds & 2-5pm for the finals with medal ceremonies.

Meanwhile the Muay Thai kick boxing also continues today until Friday from 4-7pm.
The boxers get points for the number of good hits in the right places, but although it looks painful, the boxers have good protective pads, unlike in the professional matches.
This is more well known and very popular here in Thailand, but perhaps not so well known in foreign countries. We asked Christain Garnier, a tourist, watching whether he liked Muay Thai:

The rather stranger category for boxing is Wai Kru which is translated as Respect Teacher but is really more of a ceremonial dance usually performed before a boxing fight. Thai boxers have already won 2 gold medals in this event this week, and pocketed a million baht form the government, as reward.

You don't need a million baht to go watch though as both the Aerobics and Boxing are free entry, so try to get along to Sapan Hin Gymnasiums, in Phuket City, and enjoy the competitive international atmosphere, cheering on your team or country, or watch the coverage, mostly live on this TV channel 11.

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