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WBC back muay thai : On November 16, 2005

In an attempt to promote the Kingdom's martial art in a proper way, the first muay thai world championship bouts sanctioned by the World Boxing Council (WBC) will be held next month.

WBC muay thai's first two world champions will be determined at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in Australia on December 10 and concerned parties hope it will be the first step to show "genuine" muay thai to the world.

Thailand's Yodsaenklai Fairtex will take on Australia's outstanding muay thai champion John Wayne Parr for the super-welterweight title.

In the other match, Nathan "Carnage" Corbett, another Australian muay thai champion, will be up against Japanese champion Magnum Sakai for the cruiserweight crown.

Yodsaenklai, 21, is Thailand's 154-pound champion with a record of 89 wins, 30 losses and six draws while 29-year-old Parr, who trained in Thailand for five years, has fought 77 times with 57 wins.

Corbett, 26, has lost only once in 31 professional muay thai contests, while his Japanese opponent has lost six times in 24 fights.

In March, a middleweight title bout will take place in London featuring UK champion Steve Wakeling against an opponent yet to be named.

The Australian and London events will be the prelude of the WBC muay thai World Series, which will bring the world's best muay thai contenders together for a monthly World Series to be staged in the US, Russia, Asia and Australia.

"We want to introduce the original muay thai to the world in the right way and to show to the world that muaythai is not kick-boxing or K-One," said WBC muay thai chairman Pol Gen Kovit Bhakdibhumi.

He said the first muay thai world title bouts would be held in Australia instead of Thailand because it would be better to promote the sport internationally first.

There will be a total of 18 weight classes and Kovit expects that all the vacant titles will be determined in one or two years.

Don King and Bob Arum, among other American promoters, are interested in organising muay thai world championship bouts in the US, said Kovit.

There are around 300,000 people in 90 countries practising the Thai martial art, according to WBC muay thai.

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