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Photo Gallery of muay thai training camp in Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand is home of Muai Thai. Phuket is a beautiful island in Thailand. Phukat Thailand is where you can learn Muay Thai Boxing. Phukat Thailand is a holiday destination with relaxing locations. Travel to Phuket Thailand and see what Phuket Thailand has to offer. You can golf in Phuket Thailand, swim in Phuket Thailand, and learn to kick box in Phuket Thailand. Muay thai boxing in Phuket Thailand is the best place to train. Phuket Thailand is a wonderful location and the birthplace of Muay Thai. View the many Phuket Thailand Muay Thai pictures below.

Training Camp

Photo of bag work , pad work , cliching , sparing and Thai fighters training.
Phuket Thailand Muay Thai Boxing Camp Learn Muay Thai in Phukat Thailand technics for fighting learn Muay Thai Thailand
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Past students or muay thai fighters

About us

Muay Thai Camp & Boxing Training in Phuket, Thailand
Suwit Gym ( Muay Thai camp ) 15 Moo 1 , Choa Fa Rd , T. Chalong , A. Muang , Phuket , Thailand , 83130 
Tel . (66) 76 374313

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